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AMODE is not only a branding and graphic design company, we are a company that takes the time to listen and understand their clients needs in order to establish a firm foundation between them and their consumers. In a social media driven world a business esthetics and visuals are the fundamentals of a successful company. Consumers want products that are visually appealing, provide comfort, drive happiness, and satisfaction in their lives, and they get it partly through the products they buy. 

Some upcoming business may not know the bare essentials for branding and marketing a company or where to even start. This is were AMODE does their ultimate best to remove any stress or concerns regarding branding, marketing, or visual creations you may have. 



Hello my name is Mahiba Falatoon I am the owner and founder of AMODEdesign. I have always been very passionate about the creative field even at a young age, leading to pursuing my Bachelors in Fashion marketing and Design. During schooling at The Art Institute of Phoenix I had dipped in many other classes including graphic design, and several Adobe programs. This opened up my imagination beyond measures giving me the ability to create anything right at the comfort of my desk. Mixing my marketing and design experiences and education I found my niche in branding and graphic design. Through AMODE I have successful helped many upcoming and revamping business reach out to their target market in a influential and profitable way. I strives on perfection and insures 100% client satisfaction. 



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